My story

At the age of 29 I felt stuck. I was living in an apartment in Stockholm and was doing 9 – 5, so I had everything that I was “supposed” to have. But still something was missing: a sense of purpose and meaning.

At the end of my twenties I was going through a personal crisis. I was looking for answers, but I didn’t even know what questions to ask. So I sat down, picked up my journal and started writing a list. A list of both positive and negative things about myself and the environment I was living in. After a while I looked at the list and saw way more negative things then I wanted in my life. So I decided to make a change and starting deleting them from my life.

I had a dream about having nature as my closest neighbor, not just live in the middle of the forest, actually be a part of it and follow the seasons. So I bought this place, an old log cabin in the norther parts of Sweden, located in a small village with only eight inhabitants. Six hours away from everyone I know.

There is no insulation or running water and during my first winter I had -25 degrees Celsius in my bedroom, everything from olive oil to deodorant froze.

I wanted a more active lifestyle since I love hiking and trail running, so Tuss came into my life. She’s an Siberian Husky which means that she needs a lot of exercise, running and sled-pulling is in her DNA. We quickly became best friends and we share this lifestyle together, for better and for worse. Having her at my side has made all the difference, everyday I’m learning something new about myself through her. She accepts me for who I really am.

This simple lifestyle is not always easy, but it’s worth fighting for!

Are you curious to see the movie about my first year here in the cabin?